The term Feng Shui may mean WIND and WATER but it describes a method or a science that harnesses the energy of the environment to improve people's lives!

Just as we need air and water to live, our homes do too and it is literally this "air" that also enters our homes that brings that Vital energy that is called Chi.

In reality FENG SHUI is a new term to describe what the Chinese elders called "Ham Yu", which is the science of understanding the environment and the energy that moves from nature, how we harmonise it and how it can help us to have a life successful and prosperous!

But what is the purpose?

If our energy is high, in a good vibration, we are more optimistic, more courageous, happier and have less illness and if we are happier the people around us are happier too. But if the energy of the house is bad, we go home and argue, we have diseases, problems...we have no energy to progress or prosper.

So the first and only objective of Feng Shui is to align the environment with the people who live or work in a specific place, to understand what the energies of the environment are and how this energy flows in space, because it is very important to flow and not allow it to stay stagnant.

Thus, the Feng Shui functions as the acupuncture of the house.

No item of decoration can change the Chi, it all depends on understanding the 5 elements of Chinese Metaphysics which is the variation of the vibration of energy and how we align it with ourselves because we are energy too.

Although decoration and the choices we make to decorate our homes can explain a lot about our inner can show us why we do what we do and undoubtedly change our internal status.

In this way we can also be responsible for the energy that circulates within our homes and our lives because we are also partly responsible for that energy.

So, although most people think that Feng Shui is the way we decorate our home, this is far from the truth!

We just use shapes, colours, materials and symbolism to be able to recreate the cycles of nature and how it naturally feeds, wears off or controls itself.